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CAI Freight & Delivery Program 

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Freight & Delivery Program

C.A.I. Designs Lighting Delivery & Will Call

(Chicago and surrounding suburbs only)

C.A.I. Designs offers several ways our lighting customers can take advantage of the FREE FREIGHT program negotiated with our most popular lighting vendors. Enjoy both the added convenience and tremendous savings on lighting orders when shipped directly to our local Arlington Heights showroom for either Will Call or Delivery.


C.A.I. Designs offers lighting Will Call pick-up for our customers in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Will Call hours are Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm at our Arlington Heights location.
As an additional service to our Will Call, we also offer C.A.I. Designs Lighting Delivery Service. Orders are shipped to Arlington Heights, and for a fee ($30 - 50), C.A.I. Designs will deliver the lighting order to your studio, job site, or client’s home. Orders over $3,000 will qualify for a free initial delivery.
C.A.I. Designs reserves the right to pass along service charges on free freight orders not to exceed 3%. Please contact your C.A.I. Designs lighting specialist for more information.