Ordering Information

Murphy’s Law of Design: “If something can go wrong, it will.” Teamwork and communication usually gets things back on track.

Perfection (or Lack of): Nothing is perfect; human hands manufacture all furniture. The beauty of bench made furniture is just that, natural materials created one at a time. It is the manufacturers right to define the industry tolerance level based on experience.

Communication: The more we know, the better the outcome. Details such as distress levels, installation constraints, deadlines, and budget limitations are all important components to insuring successful quotes, orders, and deliveries.

Deposits Required: Purchased product will be ordered only with a signed proposal and a deposit of 50%.

C.B.D (Cash Before Delivery): All special order sales must be paid for before they are shipped. Expect an invoice for the balance due long before the piece is delivered.

Lead Time: Lead time are ESTIMATES for manufacturing of the product. Freight from the manufacturer to your Delivery/Receiver will vary based on manufactures location and final delivery location. Remember freight time is out of the manufacturers and our control. It USALLY takes longer than expected.

Orders: Check your orders carefully before signing. If it’s not on the order, ASK. Details confirm what you envision is what will be produced.

Custom Orders: Once we commit to an item and order it, we own it and it cannot be returned. A custom piece also requires ADDITIONAL time to produce. Custom product will not go into production until all necessary CAD drawings are signed off by the designer and transmitted to the manufacturer. On average, most manufacturers production of Custom items will take a minimum of 12-16 weeks to complete.

Restocking Charges and Cancellations: Sometimes a factory will allow merchandise to be returned with a restocking fee. This fee ranges from 10% to 60% plus the freight to return the item. Sometimes a factory will allow cancellations if the items have not been shipped. Often there is a cancellation fee. The designer is responsible for paying these fees.

Updates: We will keep you updated on the progress of orders and projects and share the information that the factories give us. This information may not always be accurate and it may not always be what you, wish to hear. We will strive for honesty.

Deadlines: Parties do not make things happen sooner! Holiday’s deadlines create headaches for all. We want projects finished as much as you do and we will strive to make that happen as quickly as possible. Rush orders are at the discretion of the manufacturer, and by no means control transportation time.

Back Orders: Factories make a certain number of items on a schedule. An item may be out of stock and on back order. Generally, the factory will give us an expected ship date. There is no guarantee that the date will be accurate. Please refer to UPDATES. We will keep you informed.

Discontinued Items: There will be times when a selected item is no longer available. While it is a disappointment and an inconvenience, we will try to find acceptable replacements and solutions.

Freight Damage: Merchandise may be damaged in shipment. Resolution may be in the form of local repair, pick up and reshipping of the item, or is some cases discounts. The factory makes this decision. We try to help facilitate these in a timely manner.

Freight Charges: Delivery from manufacturer to your receiving warehouse. These charges can vary based on fuel costs and surcharges at any given time. Request for freight quotes prior to placement of orders are estimates. Once the items are shipped the freight and handling charges can change and will be added to the sales order when you are invoiced for the final payment.

Delivery Charges: Delivery is arranged by you from your local warehouse, or pick up from our showroom to your job-site. These charges are your responsibility.

Approvals: Our showroom allows lamps and accessories to go out on approval. Inspection of the items prior to leaving our showroom are your responsibility. Approvals are held with a credit card. Items are inspected when returned. If items are returned damaged your firm is responsible for full payment. Furniture items are not available on an approval basis.

Dye Lots: If an exact color is required, we will order a cutting of the current stock for approval. This step adds time to the order but may prevent a major disappointment. Current dye lots may not match a sample exactly and there is a 16% acceptable tolerance level in the fabric industry.

Leather: There are many finishes on leather. We want you to understand the care and marring properties of your selection. The most expensive leathers are generally not treated and do show marks, oil from hands, etc. This leather takes more care as it develops its patina. Please discuss the placement of the leather in your customer’s home and their lifestyle to insure the proper leather is being selected.